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Trade Show Lanyards: Some Fun Facts

June 19 2014
My Little Pony Convention
Approximately 1 in 5 custom lanyard orders we do are to be handed out at trade shows, conventions and other events. This keeps us abreast of many of the new industries popping up and how popular their trade shows are, based on attendance. Well, based on how many lanyards they buy from us... which may or may not be representative of attendance. But whatever.

We have seen a huge uptick in new and unique trade shows and events in the past few years. Some of them are getting very good attendance (based on our informal lanyard sales theory)

While we don't always know much about our customer's new businesses, we do often have entertaining discussions at the office about the nature of their businesses, and their likelihood of success. In other words, will they be ordering lanyards again next year?
For example, a few years back we did lanyards for a guy who was starting a business raising crickets to make protein powder (yes for human consumption). At the time, here at lanyard store, most of us in the office thought he was crazy (but we still took his money and ran the order, of course). Now it seems that since that time, the cricket protein industry has exploded. It is now a highly sought-after nutritional supplement (eco-friendly and better for you than whey protein). So go figure.. When I was a kid, I got in big trouble for eating a cricket (may have been a grasshopper). My mom told me I might get sick and have to go the hospital. See mom, I was smarter than you thunk.

So here's a few of the interesting new shows we've had orders related to:

and other Marijuana business conventions (there have been MANY of these)
Camming Con (web cam models convention) - Miami, FL
Aquaponics and vertical gardening shows
BronyCon ("Bronies" are men who go Gaga over my little pony) - Baltimore, MD
International UFO Convention & Film Festival - Laughlin, NV
Twins Day Festival (A festival of nothing but twins) - Where else but Twinsburg, OH
Celebrity Impersonator Convention Held in Vegas, of course
Psychic Fair and Witch Craft Expo Held in Salem, MA

All of these trade shows seem to be doing well. But of course they are not our biggest customers. Take a look at the attendance of some of these mega-shows (most of which have been around for decades):

(Consumer Electronics Show): 160,498
CONEXPO-CON/AGG (construction equipment) : 97,091
Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) : 135,000
NAMM (Music Industry Show): 85,000
MAGIC (Clothing and Apparel): 71,000
SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association): : 145,000
Comic-Con : 130,000
EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival): 180,000

And overseas they are even larger:
Comic Market (Tokyo) Attendees: 600,000
Canton Fair (China) Attendees: 250,000

Those are some big numbers. Maybe someday a cricket protein convention will have massive numbers like this. That would be excellent for our customer with the cricket farm (assuming the crickets haven't eaten HIM).

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