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Fauquier Freeze Softball

August 12, 2013
Million Lanyard Give
Congratulations and good luck to the Fauquier Freeze 14 and under softball team for making it to the World Series. Thank you for letting The Lanyard Store be part of your team! We hope you fill your lanyards full of pins and ribbons.

Fauquier Freeze 14U is a travel fastpitch softball team.The girls participating are from Fauquier and surrounding counties. Fauquier Freeze mission is to develope young women through a competitive, structured team oriented and disciplined environment. They maintain the importance of dedication to academics.

Fauquier Freeze Rules To Live By

1. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.
2. A team wins together and a team loses together.
3. Loyalty is a way of life.

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