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How Does Pad Printing Work?

February 14, 2011

Custom Printed Neck Wallet

Pad printing is a unique process for picking up an image from a printing plate and placing it onto a particular product. This transfer can be applied on a variety of different surfaces such as flat, cylindrical, spherical, compound angles, textures, concave surfaces, convex surfaces. In a way, it's sort of similar to using a rubber stamp but using exact pressure and materials to give fine quality. Pad printing is best used for three-dimensional industrial products such as badge reels, ID holders, badge holders, and other such items.

Pad printing is also commonly used in industrial and electronic applications. For example, the small lettering on your computers motherboards are usually pad printed.

Two common questions that often come up are, "How does the pad pick up the image?" or "How can a flat artwork conform to a three-dimensional part?" The pad printing machine picks up an image up from an inkcup and is transferred to the surface via a silicone rubber pad using the right amount of pressure to deliver the image.

Overall, it sounds like a complicated process, but due to the advancement of technology and machinery, it enables to print high quality images and monograms in large quantities within a quick time frame.



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