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Why Neoprene Lanyards Are So Effective

March 28, 2011

In the 1950's a clothing designer creating the first swimsuits made out of out of neoprene. This material has the unusual quality of resisting water. After this discovery many other designers took this idea and started making clothing out of this revolutionary material. Lanyard factories began making Neoprene wetsuit lanyards to market. Let'sLets look how what they were so succusfull. 1. They are very stretchy which means that they add another level of durability.

2. Because of their stretchy waterproof material there are many uses for neoprene lanyards. Lifeguards can use them for their rescue cans or keys and surfboarders use them for their boards. They work well for construction personnel, factory workers, or anyone operating near machinery because if they get caught on something sense they are strechy they will just break and avoid any accidents.

3. They float in water which makes them perfect for nay water sport!A lifeguard wants their lanyard that is attached to his rescue to be able to float. A swimmer wants the lanyard attached to their goggles to be waterproof and to float. Neoprene wetsuit lanyards meets the needs of a variety of watersports .

4. Runners and bicyclists prefer their accessories to be as light and as flexible as possible. An accessory that is used while working out should be tight enough so it does not get in the way but no to tight so it feels uncomfertable.

5. They don't conduct electricity so electricians and contractors often like these lanyards. When they work they hold their glasses, keys, id holders, and whistles. In this line of work they must be durable but still comertable. .


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