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Lanyard Store Celebrates 5 Years in Las Vegas

April 15 2015
Las Vegas LanyardsFive years ago this month we moved to the Las Vegas area.

We'd been in business for over 15 years, printing lanyards, ID badge holders and other trade-show and convention-related items and it was time to come where the trade shows and conventions are. So in early 2010 we packed our bags and moved
It was hard to move. We had to say goodbye to people we'd worked with for many years. There was Regina, a single mom with a 4 kids and a part-time warehouse cleaning business. There was Kristy, an independent graphic designer who worked from home putting herself through school. There was Hudson, homeless and struggling to get by with his 10 cats... All 11 of whom lived in our warehouse (yes, lived in our warehouse). All of these beings lost us and we lost them. Hudson's displacement and situation was so stressful, it may have contributed to his death, a short time later, at age 61, of an aneurysm. Hudson's death subsequently resulted in the death of all of his cats, as after Hudson passed away, we could not find homes for them and they all went to the shelter.

We stayed in California as long as we could. But it gets to the point where the pain of staying outweighs the pain of moving on. Trying to run a business in California had become very difficult. If you have a local business like a restaurant or car wash, then your competitors also have these burdens. For a national business like ours, it was an overwhelming burden that greatly impeded our ability to grow or even focus on our customers. It's hard to explain without sounding like some political rant, which is not what we're about. The reasons that California is like this is complicated and no single person or "group" or "political party" is to blame, contrary to what you may hear on certain non-biased talk radio and cable news networks. 

At any rate, we moved an entire warehouse full of lanyards inventory (several semi-truck loads) and large printing equipment, pallet racks, shelves, desks, forklifts and our lives. Our management team uprooted themselves and left extended families behind. It was a nightmare getting organized again. It seemed like months later we were still digging through boxes looking for hole-punchers, sharpies and extension cords.

It was hard and we wouldn't want to do it again. But business-wise, it is a relief to be out of California. Our overhead is much lower, there is less traffic (except for the strip of course), we have much less paperwork filings and fees to stay on top of, and we don't get threatening letters or knocks on the door from people with clipboards. RIP Hudson and the cats... Thanks for nothing California.



About began selling lanyards in 1999, and shortly thereafter formed the website, which sells custom lanyards and other printed ID products, neck wallets, badge holders and retractable badge reels. The online company also prints custom shoelaces, pet collars, dog leashes and child safety straps.
Congratulations and good luck to the Fauquier Freeze 14 and under softball team for making it to the World Series. Thank you for letting The Lanyard Store be part of your team! We hope you fill your lanyards full of pins and ribbons.





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