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The Use of Lanyards in Sports

April 11, 2011

So much noise. You look around and see the crowds and among them here they are, the winners of this yearís championship. You want to take Danís autograph, but you canít tell who Dan is, there are like 10 sportsmen here and all look alike. But then you spot their lanyard neck ID cards and now you know which one is Dan. You approach him, you get the autograph and your son will be very happy.

Lanyards are such a tremendous help for all sportsmen. Their usage is so widely spread that you cannot think of a complete gear without including lanyards. The reason why they are so highly used is because lanyards are light, cheap and extremely resistant to stress, cold and heat. And on top of these aspects lanyards provide a great area for commercial display. Here are a couple of lanyard usages in sports:

  • Lanyard Neck ID Cards are one of the greatest uses of lanyards. People need to recognize the sportsmen and a card attached to a lanyard provides access to locations which are restricted to personnel and you donít have to display your ID all the time.


  • Lanyards are used to hold various items like eyeglass straps, water bottle lanyard, ski sticks etc. Because they are extremely tough and light-weight they offer the perfect choice for all other grips as well.


  • For winter sports, climbing and other outdoor sports that imply a significant risk, lanyards are used in key gear components. Because itís such a strong material it is great for climbing ropes, good for all sorts of grips for hooks and basically for every part of the gear that is designed to secure and keep something in place.

Lanyards make sports affordable by allowing for everyone to buy the safety gear and all the lanyard accessories. In addition, lanyards make for a secure environment by allowing specific ID tags for personnel in restricted zones in any event or workplace. Lastly, they make advertisers and sponsors in sports and events stand out by allowing a great variety of logos and commercials to be displayed. Lanyards are a part of sports and they will be for many years to come.


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