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May 30, 2011

There are many excellent ways your family can benefit from using lanyards.

Your children may find many uses for them in school. Lanyards featuring the school name, mascot or logo provide a fun way to show school spirit. Besides making a statement, they're a handy way to make sure your children don't lose their house keys.

You can also find lanyards that feature a pen holder. Students are often bogged down carrying books and backpacks. Pens get lost in the hallway or even worse transported by mouth!  This type of lanyard is extremely helpful for the usual hustle and bustle of the school day.

If your children are more into athletics, lanyards can be made with the team's colors, logo, mascot or slogan. Besides the players, coaches, fans and family will love to show their team support. Often, sports teams will print buttons of the players. Lanyards provide a great way to display your favorite pins.

Lanyards can even be used at large family gatherings. A family reunion could be much more enjoyable if everyone received one to use with a name badge. The design could feature the event, year and family name. Your family will enjoy having a souvenir from the experience.



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