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Using Lanyards to Protect Your Electronic Devices

Cell Phone Lanyard Strap

May 16, 2011

Even people who aren't clumsy drop small electronic devices, like digital cameras and MP3 players. They're small, and may be slippery. When vacationing, it's common to have many shopping bags hanging from your arms, while attempting to take a picture. It's important to capture the memory. But, it's also important to make sure you don't drop the camera. By attaching your electronics to a lanyard, you're no longer in danger of dropping it, no matter how many more shopping bags you plan to add on.

Not only do they protect your electronic devices from damage, lanyards are also a great way to deter theft. It would be much harder to steel something from around your neck.

Often an electronics manufacturer will offer a lanyard that is specifically made for your device. They are usually not sold at retail stores, but can be found online. You can make your own or possibly use one meant for something else. It's worth the price and effort to know that your electronic devices will be safe.

Lanyards are extremely useful for electronics of all kinds, including USB Flash drives and cell phones. There is even an entire line of lanyards just for holding E-cigarettes and E-cigars!



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