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company news letter Provides Lanyards to Small Business Expo

September 8, 2011

Million Lanyard GiveAs we continue our Million Lanyard Give program, which involves the donation of overrun and surplus lanyards, we continue to find worthy causes that we are excited to get behind. We've recently chosen to donate 200 blank lanyards to the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce (RRCC) for their event coming up in October of this year.

The RRCC will host the 9th Annual Rocky River Chamber Business Expo, which brings people together on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio, to support the local economy. The event is a powerful five hours of networking, with many successful connections made every year. This year, the expo plans to feature a wide variety of over 100 small and local businesses, including car washes, shopping centers and financial service representatives.

This expo comes right on the heels of another RRCC event known as the Libations Tour, which escorted over 60 tourists throughout some of Cleveland's local restaurants and bars. Although this was a way to make new connections and check out some local eateries, the event was also held to raise money for the RRCC Education Foundation.

If you're interested in becoming involved in the Rocky River Chamber Business Expo, you can visit their homepage or their facebook page. Big thanks to the RRCC for putting on such a great community event, as they encourage the growth of local business and their economy. Events like these give small businesses an opportunity to stand out in an effort to gain both recognition and support.

If you are holding an event, running a program, or know of another great cause, feel free to fill out our lanyard donation form, and tell us about your cause. If you would like to contact our Donations Manager personally, please email donations(at)lanyardstore(dot)com.

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