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company news letter Donates Lanyards to School Running Program

September 14, 2011

Million Lanyard GiveThe Lanyards Store Million Lanyard Give Program continues to reach out to businesses and non-profit organizations.  This time, we donated 150 super economy lanyards to the Callahan Elementary School in Callahan, Florida, for their inspiring work to improve their Run/Walk Club.
Created three years ago, The Run/Walk Club motivates kids to stay active and eat healthy.  This club is held twice a week after school, and students walk or run as far as they can for 45 minutes.  The cards that participants used to keep track of their distances will now be held by our donated lanyards.  Alma Bailey, Physical Education Teacher at Callahan and Club Coach, reports that there are 115 registered runners and she expects that number to continue to grow.
Big thanks to Callahan Elementary for not only participating in our donation program, but for their efforts to teach young students about the importance of exercise at such an early age.  We're happy to help the cause.
If you are part of an event, program, function, etc that could benefit from a few of our products, feel free to fill out our lanyard donation form, and tell us about your cause. If you have any questions about the program, or would like to contact our Donations Manager personally, send an email to donations(at)lanyardstore(dot)com.

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