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Top 9 Lanyard Attachments

May 2, 2011

Lanyards are one of those products that have a plethora of attachments available for making their use more specific to your needs. When it comes to getting the most out of lanyards there are probably few things left out. No matter how small the attachments are they will be customized in order to serve their purpose effectively. This is actually the hallmark of any good product that is being manufactured. One may say that having such a wide variety of attachments may not be something worth taking into account but confronting with a situation where a customer purchases 200 lanyard ID badges for a 4 year old children gathering, choosing the right attachments made out of plastic instead of metal can have a significant impact over the safe outcome of the event. All of these attachments are made from plastic, metal and or cloth material. The following are the most important lanyard attachments and their uses:

  1. Bulldog clip: Undoubtedly the most used attachment out there and probably one of the first. These clips are used for holding plastic badge holders with a horizontal slot. They are very easy to use providing the fact that you only have to squeeze them in order to clip your badge. Their intuitive usage makes it a customer favorite. On a side note if the lanyard is meant for small kids there are probably other attachments that have the same functionality but are safer (like swivel hooks or plastic o-rings).

  2. Double Bulldog Clip: Two clips that grab the two corners of a plastic badge holder. Some badges are designed this way. This prevents the badge or ID from twisting and turning when worn. This is a very useful attachment especially for people that attend meetings where media is present and an impeccable dressing etiquette is very important. Having the ID twisted all over is not something that will go unnoticed.

  3. Swivel hook: This is a hook that closes, like the end of a dog leash. It is on a turning swivel, thus the name "swivel hook". The disadvantage of this as opposed to a bulldog clip is that the bulldog clip holds a badge holder totally straight, whereas with a swivel hook a badge will swivel and flip flop. However, a swivel hook can be used for many other things (like a key, etc), whereas the bulldog clip will only work with a particular kind of badge holder.

  4. Split ring: One of the simplest attachments available, they make the perfect use for holding keys, access cards and various tools that are meant to be stacked together like hex keys. A split ring is very cheap often made out of metal (usually nickel) or plastic.

  5. Trigger Hook: Also known as the Lobster Claw. This is similar to a swivel hook and is used to hook on to keys or other objects. I think everyone got a bit fascinated when they were a kid about how these attachments are used. You twitch the trigger and it opens. Once your object is secured its spring automatically closes the gap once you release the trigger.

  6. Cell phone lanyard: This is a lanyard that you can either loop around itself to hold a cell phone or just simply let the phone attached to its swivel hook. This is a lanyard specially made for holding cell phones. Its material provides a grip-like surface preventing your phone from slipping under.

  7. USB lanyard: Same as a cell phone attachment. It has the same functionality. However this is used to hold a USB drive or other small device like a Bluetooth. There is an increasing demand for this attachment.

  8. Rubber O-ring: Used to go around an object, such as a water bottle, and carry it thusly. This attachment is great to be used on beach or street walks in a sunny day. Itís much more comfortable to have your bottle attached to your lanyard instead of carrying it around in your hands.

  9. Carabineer: Like a mountain climbing or grappling hook. This is one of the many key climbing tools and a lanyard attachment that increases the safety of this activity. In addition, combine a carabineer clip with a key ring and you make a great combination to hold your keys on a belt loop or backpack.



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