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Eco-Friendly Lanyards

Eco-Friendly Lanyards

March 21, 2011

It’s quite extraordinary how lanyards, such simple items, can meet so many needs. There are a great number of custom lanyards available today that you could probably fill thousands of catalogs. One of these customs lanyards are the environmentally friendly lanyards. Along with the significant increase in usage of these lanyards in schools, companies, conventions and many other public places the demand for eco-friendly lanyards is also increasing in a high rate. There are several factors behind the reason why people prefer these lanyards:

·Many social gatherings and public places only need lanyards for temporary use so it is necessary to discard a large number of these items without worrying about the environmental issues.

·In some situations the material is much cheaper compared to synthetic materials.

·People are starting to take initiative in being responsible about the situation that our planet is in and they are doing their best to limit the amount of unrecyclable waste.

"Green" lanyards come in couple of materials: bamboo fibers, corn material and recycled plastic. Bamboo is an unlimited resource unlike trees or other resources that are decreasing significantly. Bamboo is a great alternative to synthetic materials, is very durable and very affordable to produce. People also find it more comfortable.

Polyethylene Tore Phthalate (PET) is a material that comes from recycled bottles and although plastic is not considered a “green” material, the fact that is recycled and reused will reduce the amount of new non-environmentally friendly material that is being produced. If all plastic would be recycled we would have almost no pollution in this department.

Another material that is starting to gain ground in lanyard production is PLA (corn fabric that is bio degradable). Polylactic acid is biodegradable, but unfortunately is difficult to recycle, making it a last resort when looking for eco-friendly lanyards.
No matter what material you chose you have to know that you have the option for an environmentally friendly lanyard. Buying these lanyards will contribute to the effort of keeping this planet healthy.



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