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Promoting Your Business With Custom Printed Pet Leashes and Collars


Custom Printed Dog Collar
Custom Printed Dog Leash

May 23, 2011

Custom printed pet collars and custom printed pet leashes provide an excellent opportunity to repeatedly expose your brand to consumers.

Say, for example, you have a dog walking business. Remind your customers of your services with a customer printed leash featuring your company's logo and phone number.

This is also a great idea if your company offers pet grooming services. Often pet groomers will leave cute bows in a dog's hair after it is cut to add value to their services. Imagine what a great impression giving out custom printed dog collars will leave with your customers.

You may want to design your leash or collar to portray your company as being cute and trendy. Decorating with dog and cat paw prints is a great way to leave that impression. Plus, the printer will probably offer a variety of fabric and ink color options to creatively mix and match. The customer may actually really like the leash you designed, use it often, and show off your brand repeatedly.

Besides providing easy access to contact information, you may wish to mention which services you offer and any ongoing special that you may offer. A reminder of a great deal may just be enough to considerably increase sales.



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