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All About Cord Lanyards

April 25, 2011

There are two types of lanyards. Cord Lanyards and flat lanyards. They are both made from the same material. They both have different uses. Here are some things to take in to account.

The advantages of cord lanyards:

  • They tend to cost less.

  • They rarely have imprints and are plain.

  • The quantity of material used is lower.

  • They can be used for beading.

  • People tend to buy them in bulk to make custom lanyards.

The disadvantages of cord lanyards:

  • They are mostly used for outdoor activities and safety gear market. They are very seasonal and hard to sell in certain areas. 


  • They tend to take up more space because they are not very soft and hard to manipulate.


  • Because of their narrow  width printing is very limited to text only.


  • Cord Lanyards are very rigid and can feel like a stiff wire when worn around the neck. If worn for long periods for time irritation may occur.


  • Cord lanyards are going out of style. People find that the flat lanyards fit better into their life styles and go with more. Sporty people are the ones who tend to wear cord lanyards.


  • Flat lanyards tend to be more eco friendly. Because flat lanyards are more in demand there are many more options for the materials they are made from. Cord lanyards are on the decline so manufacturers use the cheapest material they can find, which is usually synthetic.


  • The main reason flat lanyards are more popular is for the business promotion opportunities. Companies can promote their logo or product  on the lanyards.



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