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Why Clear Vinyl and Plastic Lanyards are so Great

Clear Vinyl & Plastic Lanyards


March 14, 2011

Plastic and Clear Vinyl Lanyards are an alternative to synthetic or cloth lanyards. They are growing in popularity and demand around the world.

Because they are so stylish these lanyards are very eye-catching. They provide the perfect area for promote brands, companies, or logos. The clear surface offers a new twist on brand identity. Alot of advertisement get absorbed by your brain even if you're not aware of it. The human  brain can process visuals iwht out having to really think about it. A clear surface looks e professional in comparaseen to a colored one. This is one reason why alot of people in the job world that wear suits or a uniform prefer these types of lanyards.

An increasing number of workers from industrial areas prefer these lanyards because they don't conduct electricity. Generally, when cloth and synthetic lanyards get wet, they conduct electricity because water is retained within the lanyard. Water is an electric isolator. Water can be impure and filled with metal particles. Which makes it an electric conductor. Because the lanyards are made of vinyl and plastic material they do not absorb water. Therefore do not conduct electricty.

Vinyl Lanyards are a little expensive but are uch better quilaty then cloth lanyards. than the cloth lanyards. Clear lanyards tend to last longer.

Knowing these facts makes it easier for people to decide what kind lanyards the most appropriate for them.People who prefer plastic lanyards usualy work in fields dealing with electricity and high voltage. Other people who may prefer these lanyads wear uniforms or suits at their job. People like: high-end corporate executives, bank employees & tellers, contractors, home service technicians, restaurant workers and many others have a great use of clear vinyl and plastic lanyards.



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