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Cammy Network Cam Girl Tradeshow Lanyards

March 15 2014
Cammy Network Lanyards
Spring is here (okay... ALMOST here), and we're getting a lot of orders for spring parties, spring break events and other fun stuff.

Here's an order we just did for The Cammy Network, which will be handed out at the Web Cam Models Convention in Florida this summer. Yes my friends, there is now an entire convention devoted to nothing but web cam models who do private shows on skype or various websites. And The Cammy Network is a new business or social website providing info about that industry, chatrooms and whatnot.

Chalk this up as one more industry you didn't know existed. 

Meanwhile, in early January we did an order for a company that was attending the AVN Expo (Adult Video News), and we also recently did an order for a strip club in the Midwest.

As we've mentioned before in this blog, we believe we can tell the economic state of various industries based on how many lanyards they order. If that's the case, the sexy biz is currently on the uptick. Call your broker.



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Congratulations and good luck to the Fauquier Freeze 14 and under softball team for making it to the World Series. Thank you for letting The Lanyard Store be part of your team! We hope you fill your lanyards full of pins and ribbons.





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