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Lanyards for Kids

May 30, 2011

Getting lanyards for kids can help them be more organized in their life. Get one with a custom imprint of their school logo or school name to show some school spirit. They can keep their keys, pens, pencils, even phones on lanyards so they don't get lost. Find other options here: Lanyards for Kids.


Advertising Your Business With Custom Printed Pet Collars and Leashes

May 23, 2011

Custom printed pet collars and custom printed pet leashes provide an excellent opportunity to repeatedly expose your brand to consumers. Additional tips can be found here: Advertising with Custom Printed Pet Collars and Leashes.

Lanyards for Electronics

May 16, 2011

Even people who aren't clumsy drop small electronic devices, like digital cameras and MP3 players. They're small, and may be slippery. Best ways to use lanyards to protect your electronic devices.


Top 5 Uses for Neck Wallets When Traveling

May 9, 2011

Custom Neck WalletsUsing a neck wallet is helpful in many ways while on vacation. Several valuable items will be much safer and conveniently within reach in your neck wallet. Donít take chances when you are in a foreign place. There are always people looking to take advantage of tourists! Top 5 uses for neck wallets


Top 9 Lanyard Attachments

May 2, 2011

Lanyard AttachmentsLanyards are one of those products that have a plethora of attachments available for making their use more specific to your needs. When it comes to getting the most out of lanyards there are probably few things left out. No matter how small the attachments are they will be customized in order to serve their purpose effectively. This is actually the hallmark of any good product that is being manufactured. See our Top 9 Lanyard attachments.




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