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Using Lanyards to Advertise and Market Your Business

Advertising Lanyard

April 04, 2011

Today the advertising industry is larger than ever. It is expanding in every direction and companies have started to pay more attention to apparel and accessories like lanyards as one of their primary commercial marketing devices. The reason that these items are so great for promoting a company or product is because they are almost always at hand and people wear them wherever they go. There are several ways that a company can advertise by using lanyards:

  • Imprinting the company's logos and product names on the lanyards. This is very straightforward. Lanyard production offers a variety of printing options, many that can suit any choice of display, coloring and feel.

  • Imprinting the company logos and product names on the lanyards accessories. These days so many accessories are designed with the purpose of being a support for various logos and displays. Even if they are small or engraved or heat stamped these accessories provide a great area for logos.

  • One of the greatest uses of lanyards is for the purpose of attaching neck ID cards. This is probably the most used type of lanyard for commercial display. Wherever you go, be it a conference, new product releases venues and shops these lanyards are perfect for promoting a company. The attached card provides an excellent area for logos and brands. It is also a great way of establishing a connection with the customer before the rapport.

  • Lanyards are usually very cheap so offering them for free is a great way to promote a company. Because they are free, customers are more likely to wear them and advertise your brand like a walking billboard.

Lanyards offer incredible flexibility and versatility to advertisers. Many companies have lanyards included in their promotion programs and giveaways. Because they are so easy to use, resistant to heat, cold and intense usage they last for years which makes them the most low level and reliable way of getting a name out there and establishing a trustworthy brand with consumers.


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