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Why We Left California and Moved to Vegas

April 15, 2015

Las Vegas Lanyards for 5 Years It was hard to move. We had to say goodbye to people we'd worked with for many years. There was Regina, a single mom with 4 kids...  And here was Hudson who was struggling to get by with his 10 cats...
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Trade Show Lanyards: Some Fun Facts

June 19, 2014

Facts about lanyards trade shows While we don't always know much about our customer's new businesses, we do often have entertaining discussions at the office about the nature of their businesses, and their likelihood of success. In other words, will they be ordering lanyards again next year?
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Cammy Network Cam Girl Tradeshow Lanyards

March 15 2014 Cam Girl Lanyards
Here's an order we just did for Cammy Network, which will be handed out at the web cam girls convention in Florida this summer. Yes, there is an entire convention devoted to nothing but web cam models.
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Bikers Against Drugs

September 3, 2013 Bikers Against Drugs

Our newest partnership is with Bikers Against Drugs. Bikers Against Drugs is a non-profit organization that is devoted to helping those who are affected by drugs and alcohol.
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Fauquier Freeze Softball

August 12, 2013

Fauquier Freeze Softball Congratulations and good luck to the Fauquier Freeze 14 and under softball team for making it to the World Series! Learn more about Fauquier Freeze softball here.


P.A.N.D.A. Donation

July 10, 2013

Parkinson’s Lanyard Donation P.A.N.D.A. is an organization that benefits and assets patients with Parkinson’s. Assistance include, but not limited to, providing medicine, medical treatment, food , and other quality of life needs. Learn more about P.A.N.D.A.


Dee's Haven Parrot Rescue

June 11, 2013

Parrot Rescue Donation This month we worked with a very unique non-profit organization. Dee's Haven Parrot Rescue works to find the perfect home for each parrot that comes into the rescue center. Learn more about parrot rescue here!


Cumberland County Schools

May 8, 2013

Cumberland County School DonationCumberland County Schools Exceptional Children's Departments hosts a Very Special Arts celebration for the most significant special needs children. The LanyardStore was recently introduced to this program and has had the pleasure of working with them. Learn more by clicking on the following link:Cumberland County Schools Donation


Arts For All

March 22, 2013Million Lanyard Give

 The LanyardStore is grateful to get to work with so many interesting organizations. Recently we had the chance to learn about and work with Arts for All, a non-profit corporation. Arts for All is an after school program for children with and with out disabilities. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Arts For All

The Mississippi Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Febuary 18, 2013

Mississippi Teachers Lanyards The Lanyard Store is happy to be starting 2013 working with The Mississippi Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM). They are a non profit professional organization dedicated to mathematics education. Click here to learn more about MCTM.


The M.O.R.G.A.N Project

December 20, 2012

The M.O.R.G.A.N Project The Lanyard Store had the pleasure of working with a non profit organization called The Morgan Project. The Morgan Project aims to help out parents who have special needs children. They provide support, easily accessible information, and support groups to caregivers and parents.To learn more about The M.O.R.G.A.N. project's mission click here.


Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

December 20, 2012

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) We are currently working with some real stand out organizations. One of many organizations is Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a nonprofit national career and technical student organization for young men and women in Family and Consumer Sciences education. Since 1945 FCCLA is the only national Career and Technical Student Organization. Learn More About FCCLA.


New School Donation For 2012

December 18, 2012

Million Lanyard Donation Program We continue to be busy here at The Lanyard Store. We have been able to donate to a lot of awesome schools and non-profit organizations. Some of the lanyards that were donated this month will be used as gifts and incentives to encourage students to achieve high academic standards during their “Pride Patrol” outings. Learn more.


New! Printed Lanyard Video

July 2, 2012

We've put together this small video that explains exactly how lanyards are printed. To find out more, watch the printed lanyard video here.


Cross Country Lanyard Donation

November 9, 2011

Cross Country Lanyard DonationOur Million Lanyard Give donation program continues to provide neck lanyards to non-profit organizations, business events and schools as we head into November. Two of our most recent donations go out to educational programs on opposite sides of the country: Pewamo-Wesphalia High School and the Antelope Valley Regional Occupation Program. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Cross Country Lanyard Donation.


Etowah Youth Orchestra Donation

November 2, 2011

Etowah Youth Orchestra DonationOctober was quite a busy month for us at The Lanyards Store. We managed to send out even more donations to schools and businesses thanks to our Million Lanyard Give program. One of those recipients was the Etowah Youth Orchestra for their trip to New York City this December. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Etowah Youth Orchestra Lanyard Donation.


Hamilton High School Donation

October 19, 2011

Hamilton High School DonationWe're proud to say that many of our latest donations have gone to benefit organizations and programs that involve students. We're continuing the trend by donating some lanyards to Hamilton High School, home of the Bobcats. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Hamilton High School Lanyard Donation.


Mama Foundation for the Arts Donation

October 13, 2011

Lanyards for Mama Foundation for the ArtsIn the past month, we've donated lanyards and ID products to schools, non-profit organizations, and even local business events through our Million Lanyard Give donation program. Our latest donation goes out to the Mama Foundation for the Arts for their tuition-free arts-education program. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Mama Foundation for the Arts Lanyard Donation.


Rio Mesa High School Donation

October 13, 2011

Rio Mesa High School DonationWe at the Lanyards Store believe that a solid career starts with a good education. And with a shortage of funding, we want to do everything we can to help schools succeed. That's why our latest donation goes to Rio Mesa High School. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Rio Mesa High School Lanyard Donation.


Young Entrepreneurs Series Lanyard Donation

October 12, 2011

Young Entrepreneurs Series Lanyard DonationWe're busier than ever with our Million Lanyard Give donations this month, continually finding new organizations and schools with great programs that enrich lives. One of our most recent donations was to the Young Entrepreneurs Series (YES) program in Michigan. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Young Entrepreneurs Series Lanyard Donation.


Eastbrook High School Lanyard Donation

October 7, 2011

Eastbrook High School Lanyards A new month means 31 days of potential donations. And after the first week, we already have several going out. Recently, Eastbrook High School received 150 lanyards through our Lanyards Donation Program. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Eastbrook High School Donation.


Southport High School Lanyard Donation

September 30, 2011

Southport High School Lanyards It's been a busy month at The Lanyards Store. We've donated over 1200 lanyards in the past 30 days. We round out the end of the month with a donation of 500 lanyards to Southport High School. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Southport High School Donation.


Million Lanyard Give Donation to Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. Program

September 28, 2011

Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. Lanyards GiveRecently, The Lanyards Store has been reaching out to a lot of schools to support their efforts in educating students. This extends to all institutions and age groups, including alternative education programs.'s recent donation of 200 lanyards was to the Roosevelt S.T.A.Y High School. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. Lanyard Donation. Donation to Brokaw Early Learning Center

September 26, 2011 Donation to Brokaw Early LearningOur Million Lanyard Give donation program was set up to provide lanyards to businesses and organizations that perform incredible work within their communities. Recently, The Lanyards Store donated 100 lanyards to the Brokaw Early Learning Center Preschool for their work with at-risk children. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Lanyard Donation to At-Risk Youth Center.


Lanyard Donation Eliminates "String Duty"

September 21, 2011

Million Lanyard GiveAnother organization has been selected to receive lanyards as part of the's Million Lanyard Give program. Through the program, businesses and non-profit organizations receive overrun or surplus lanyards in an effort to better a program or event. Recently, the Illinois Audobon Society received 75 blank lanyards to better their environmental education program. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Lanyard Donation to Audubon Society.


Million Lanyard Give Donation to School Running Program

September 14, 2011

Million Lanyard GiveThe Lanyards Store Million Lanyard Give Program continues to reach out to businesses and non-profit organizations. This time, we donated 150 super economy lanyards to the Callahan Elementary School in Callahan, Florida, for their inspiring work to improve their Run/Walk Club. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Lanyard Donation For School Program. Donates Lanyards to Local Business Expo

September 8, 2011 Donates Lanyards to Local BusinessAs we continue our Million Lanyard Give program, which involves the donation of overrun and surplus lanyards, we continue to find worthy causes that we are excited to get behind. We've recently chosen to donate 200 blank lanyards to the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce (RRCC) for their event coming up in October of this year. Learn more by clicking on the following link: Lanyard Donation.


Benefits of Retractable Badge Holders

June 27, 2011

Retractable Badge HoldersRetractable badge holders are great advertising your company, but also in keeping your company safe and secure. By having retractable badge holders, you enable employees to walk around with their ID on them at all times. You could have them scan their ID when entering secure rooms. Learn more by click the following link: Retractable Badge Holders.


Tips on Buying Custom Strap Lanyards

June 20, 2011

Custom Strap LanyardsAlthough buying lanyards has gotten easier since using the internet to sell them, there are still some tips I'd like to share with you to make sure you are not spending more than you have to. The tips on the following link will help you identify was to save money when buying lanyards: Buying Custom Strap Lanyards


Designing Graphics for Your Custom Badge Reels

June 6, 2011

Custom Badge ReelUsing badge reels to advertise your business is common practice amongst many companies. Usually adding a personal touch such as a company logo or website onto your badge reel is the way to go. You want people to become familiar with and begin to trust your brand. By giving out free badge reels, you can establish good relationships with customers. However, read the rest of this post to find out how to design a graphic for your badge reel.


Lanyards for Kids

May 30, 2011

Getting lanyards for kids can help them be more organized in their life. Get one with a custom imprint of their school logo or school name to show some school spirit. They can keep their keys, pens, pencils, even phones on lanyards so they don't get lost. Find other options here: Lanyards for Kids.


Advertising Your Business With Custom Printed Pet Collars and Leashes

May 23, 2011

Custom printed pet collars and custom printed pet leashes provide an excellent opportunity to repeatedly expose your brand to consumers. Additional tips can be found here: Advertising with Custom Printed Pet Collars and Leashes.


Lanyards for Electronics

May 16, 2011

Even people who aren't clumsy drop small electronic devices, like digital cameras and MP3 players. They're small, and may be slippery. Best ways to use lanyards to protect your electronic devices.



Top 5 Uses for Neck Wallets When Traveling

May 9, 2011

Custom Neck WalletsUsing a neck wallet is helpful in many ways while on vacation. Several valuable items will be much safer and conveniently within reach in your neck wallet. Don't take chances when you are in a foreign place. There are always people looking to take advantage of tourists! Top 5 uses for neck wallets



Top 9 Lanyard Attachments

May 2, 2011

Lanyard AttachmentsLanyards are one of those products that have a plethora of attachments available for making their use more specific to your needs. When it comes to getting the most out of lanyards there are probably few things left out. No matter how small the attachments are they will be customized in order to serve their purpose effectively. This is actually the hallmark of any good product that is being manufactured. See our Top 9 Lanyard attachments.


All About Cord Lanyards

April 25, 2011

Cord Lanyards are one of the two types of lanyards. Manufactured from the same materials as the flat ones these lanyards often have limited usage. This is what should be taken into account when comparing a cord lanyard to a flat one. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of these lanyards.



Printing Lanyards Using Dye Sublimation

April 18, 2011

Dye sublimation is one of the most used methods for printing lanyards. When manufacturers chose to imprint details on their lanyards they often have six choices: embossing and weaving, laser imprinting, hot stamping, full color imprinting, screen printing and dye sublimation. Understand the process of dye sublimation.


The Use of Lanyards in Sports

April 11, 2011

Lanyards are such a tremendous help for all sportsmen. Their usage is so widely spread that you cannot think of a complete gear without including lanyards. The reason why they are so highly used is because lanyards are light, cheap and extremely resistant to stress, cold and heat. All uses of lanyards in sports


Using Lanyards to Advertise and Market Your Business

April 4, 2011

Advertising LanyardToday the advertising industry is larger than ever. It is expanding in every direction and companies have started to pay more attention to apparel and accessories like lanyards as one of their primary commercial marketing devices. The reason that these items are so great for promoting a company or product is because they are almost always at hand and people wear them wherever they go. Ways companies advertise with lanyards


Neoprene Lanyards

March 28, 2011

Back in the 1950s a designer took the innovative step of creating swimsuits out of neoprene. This material has the unusual quality of retaining water. Soon after many other designers embraced his idea and started making clothing out of this revolutionary material. Lanyard factories started manufacturing Neoprene wetsuit lanyards to supply the new market that was created. (Why they're so effective)


Environmentally Friendly Lanyards

March 21, 2011

Eco-Friendly LanyardsIt's quite extraordinary how lanyards, such simple items, can meet so many needs. There are a great number of custom lanyards available today that you could probably fill thousands of catalogs. One of these customs lanyards are the environmentally friendly lanyards. Along with the significant increase in usage of these lanyards in schools, companies, conventions and many other public places, the demand for eco-friendly lanyards is also increasing in a high rate. (Find out why)


Why Clear Vinyl and Plastic Lanyards are so Great

March 14,2011

Clear Vinyl & Plastic LanyardsClear Vinyl and Plastic Lanyards are an alternative to synthetic or cloth lanyards. Now, despite the fact that they are indeed an "alternative" to the traditional lanyard they are well received by customers worldwide. Stylish and eye-catching they provide the perfect area for commercial display, the clear surface offering a different touch to the brand identity. (Read More)


7 Reasons Why Badge Holders Are An Affordable Solution for ID Badges

ID Badges

There's not a lot of science behind how to use a badge holder and what it's mainly used for. But in case you've never seen one or used one before, they hold small cards, tickets or any other type of identification. They are one of the main reasons lanyards are purchased in the first place. Let's take a look at 7 reasons that companies typically use these...(Keep Reading) Announces Continuation of Million Lanyard Give

February 28, 2011

Million Lanyard GiveAfter a generous outpouring of positive feedback, will continue the Million Lanyard Give campaign that was launched last year. The program involves the donation of lanyards, pet collars, neck wallets, and other lanyard products to schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations. The initiative started when an employee asked if they could donate excess lanyards to her local church and from there on we have received more than 10,000 requests for lanyard products... (Read More)


Lanyard Store  Goes 100% Trash-Free

Trash Free WarehouseAccording to the Clean Air Council, about one-tenth of all garbage in the United States gets recycled. is dedicated to help reduce this statistic by implementing a basic recycling procedure which involves recycling every single item used. Our 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse would normally produce quite a bit of waste when manufacturing and printing products like lanyards, neck wallets, and ID badge holders, but by setting up recycling bins for every category of items we use, we have already had savings of $1,400.00 a year... (Read More)

How does Pad Printing Work?

February 14, 2011

Custom Neck WalletsHere at we are very passionate in the belief that customers deserve quality at the right price. Most of our products are made and printed in-house, using the best printed machines to provide you with the best quality printing products. One popular technique that we use here at is pad printing. (Find our how it works)



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